Cellar Series // Wild Dragonfruit Sour

750mL Bottle - 8.5% ABV


Our classic sour base with buckets of local Botany Grown Backyard Dragonfruit. Aged at length with our inhouse sour blend - An eclectic mix fermentative organisms, intended to produce a refined balance of funk and phenol, earth and ester, tart and sourness. This is the first expression our inhouse culture blend which contains, as far as we know, two types of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, five strains of Brettanomyces, two isolates of Lactobacillus, a single strain of Pediococcus, and a Sacch. Diastaticus variant. Plus whatever was hitching a ride on the dragonfruit! Enjoy the beautiful colour, funk filled nose, and nuanced tartness this local sour has to offer - we sure do!

*Best enjoyed decanted off of the natural sediment.

Further cellaring will continue to enhance the unique characters of our house culture.

Cellar Series // Dragonfruit Sour - 750mL