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Chatachoochee - Hazy DIPA

440mL // 8% ABV


Chattahoochee is a contemporary Double India Pale Ale on a foundation of premium malted pale barley, spelt, and rolled oats. Generously hopped with a hand-selected trial crop of deviated Riwaka, which we discovered and adored during our visit to Eggers Hop Farm in NZ earlier this year. So enamoured were we with it that we secured the entire harvest. Codenamed 'LiLy™' this limited and unique hop embodies everything we admire about Kem's work at Eggers Hops. Complemented by Motueka and a touch of Citra®, expect passionfruit hard candy, dried citrus rind, and POG juice vibes all within a full and fresh finish.

Chatachoochee - Hazy DIPA


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