Fire Drop 

Rice Lager // 440mL // 5.1% ABV

Single Can, 4 Pack and 24 Case Available


A collaboration with our pals at Firepop®. A modern interpretation of a rice lager using hand grown Fu Lin Men rice - an insanely aromatic grain grown in the Wuchang region of Heilongjiang Province, China - the home town of Firepop® founder Raymond Hou.


Growing in fertile black soil and a pristine water source, Wuchang rice is characterised by its complex and distinctive aroma of fresh grass, herbal dill and earthy citrus which carry over into the clean and crisp lager base upon which it rests.


This creates a beer which is super crisp in both flavour and colour with a super fresh palate and rounded bitterness, pairing perfectly with Firepop's delicious morsels of juicy, caramelised pops of goodness.

Fire Drop Rice Lager