For our 3rd Birthday celebrations here is a topped-up-to-the-brim kettle sour that's been given our full Fresh-Fruit Smoothie Treatment™.

Jaw Dropper Smoothie Sour // 4 Pack 440mL

7.8% ABV


If you love crazy exotic fruit, beer, good times and lactose, then this one is for you.
Obscene amounts of Jabuticaba, a creamy-blueberry type fruit that grows on its trees trunk, deep within the jungles of Brazil, supported by raspberry and banana...All firmly backed up in full by kisses of Marshmallow Fluff and Vanilla.
But fear not thirsty birthday celebrator, Lactose Sloth has been to sprinkle the goods on top - with fists full of lactose, Multi-Stacked Oats™, and sugar! Dont forget to BYO hats and blowers party people... it’s a Happy 3rd sun revolution to us. Come get a taste!

Jaw Dropper Smoothie Sour // 4 Pack