When local Botany businesses get together it’s best done with a beer... and our latest collab is just that, brewed with celebrity chef, friend and maker of good sauce, Manu Feildel.

The Soûl Chef Fruited Hazy IPA // 4 x 440mL Pack // 6.0% ABV

A Hazy IPA that’s packed to the brim with saucey hop character and a good dose of fresh passionfruit puree. Teaming up with the Soûl Chef (Google translate for all you non French speakers), our powers combine to give us a chance to really push our in-house Hazy Yeast Blend™, a strain that gives out a supple, tropical ester base to compliment the copious amounts of fresh Astra™, Nectaron®, Zamba™, and Galaxy® achieving a tropical, crushable hazy profile.

This tasty sauce gives us massive fresh passionfruit, squeezed citrus, and soft guava vibes... It is tropical and Hazy, just how we all like it...

The Soûl Chef Fruited Hazy IPA // 4 Pack