Twisted Fate DDH Imperial IPA

4 x 375mL // 8.2% ABV

24 Case Available


Twisted Fate is a celebration of fate, when things just come together...
Deep gold, with braids of lemon, lime, pear, and pine. Spruce, grass, and strands of dank hops entwine beautifully together with big bold malty flavours. Fruity and juicy. Malty and hoppy. Bitter and smooth.

From a homebrew recipe to now the big rig, and when family meets business, this Imperial IPA with a Clean Fusion upgrade brings back a taste of how good it feels when things all perfectly string together... with a supercharged hop profile.

Life can be tumultuous, but throughout, things are always connected in the end and the twisted, turning, knotted journey is by far the best part.

Twisted Fate DDH Imperial IPA // 4 Pack