Wonderland by Night DIPA with Clean Fusion

440mL // 8.1% ABV

Single Can, 4 Pack and 24 Case Available


Step right up! Ladies and Gentlemen, Queens and Kings, by all the land gather round. A once-in-a-year spectacle is about to unfold before your tastebuds.


Wonderland By Night Hazy is a suped-up DIPA with London's new kings of IPA - Drop Project, UK. No introduction is needed when talking about these purveyors of the haze. We are all about the yeast here my friends. A massive push on London's favourite yeast, in conjunction with the newest hops from down under, should prepare you for an exploding cascade of hop-bursting goodness, thiol-popping new-ness, and exploding hits of passionfruit, mango, and papaya lushness!

Limited seats in show - here for a good time, not a long time innit.

Wonderland by Night DIPA