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Hemispherical Inversion - Collaborating with Krecher

A beer full of creativity and duality, Mørkt Lys - translating to “dark light” - is our latest collab with Krecher from Norway. Created for Beer Mash's Scandinavian Pint of Origin, Head Brewer Nick gives us the low down.

Q: Mango, blackcurrant, passionfruit, bilberry, salted caramel, black lava salt, squid ink… It’s quite the ingredient listing. How’d you go about selecting them?⁠

A: Late night sultry WhatsApp messages with our new pals Ellen and Martin from Krecher. Krecher wanted to go with something light and summery - being springtime there they must have been inspired, and being Australia here - it’s always summer, right? It was already starting to chill down in Sydney so my head was in dark berries and raspberry coulis mode. I assumed Norway was always dark and cold, and Martin assumed the complete opposite for Down Under. So we combined forces and a beer of lightness (summer, tropical fruits often associated with Australia) that was hemispherically inverted to darkness (berries, night, winter).⁠

Q: Why squid ink?⁠

A: We wanted to make the light dark. Flip the drinker on their head. Command a duality. See one thing, smell another, taste yet another thing. A concept of abstract sensory attributes that exist in isolation, not linked to one another, but somehow work together in a way of mind-blowing surprise. Squid ink provides that darkness to mask all the lightness that would have been in the beer. It also provides a salinity that fits so well into the gose style. ⁠

Q: What did you enjoy about working with the Krecher crew on this beer?⁠

A: The boundless creativity those guys bring to the table is immense. Besides being absolute legends, seeing how they work and their approach to beer was both inspiring and comforting. It’s always so amazing and humbling when collabs gel together like this one and everything flows so easily. Tapping into and being a part of the creative process was definitely something I loved about this collaborative process.⁠


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