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it's a vibe - lost palms x one drop collab

Vibe is described as being a person's emotional state, or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

The moment One Drop Brewing Co. & Lost Palms met - the vibe was immaculate. We wanted to find the best way to reflect this vibe, and found it was a resiny, hop forward Double IPA with heavy citrus, grapefruit & tropical notes.

Join One Drop & Lost Palms at One Drop’s Sydney Taproom for a sneak peek of our collab brew VIBE IIPA on Thursday 10th November from 6pm along with a first taste of another of One Drop's latest releases dropping the very next day - a super fun slushy sour explosion!

Come meet the Lost Palms x One Drop crew, get a first taste of VIBE IIPA and take in the vibe. Walk-ins welcome, or bookings available.


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