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It's sweet, it's tart, it's boozy... it's Hard Lemonade! First dropping in December '22 this can of lemony goodness skyrocketed instantly to best-seller status and isn't showing any sign of slowing down soon!

It was 2022, the light at the end of the COVID madness was in sight and let's face it, we were all feeling a little bit nutty! But with summer on the horizon, and a gosh darn bucket load of fresh lemons looking for a home, a truly epic idea came to us.

So, in typical One Drop fashion, we took those fresh, juicy fruits and threw them in a blender, before dosing them up real-good with house-made spirits and so it was, Hard Lemonade!

After some testing, tweaking and a whole lot of tasting, Hard Lemonade was ready to hit the taps, fridges and website - yay!

And so, in December we thought "why the f*** not" and threw it out to the world!

Then the first batch sold out in a weekend!

It was at that point that we knew, this little alcoholic Hard Lemonade with 6% ABV was really something special.

Since then, Hard Lemonade has been with us for a truly wild ride - headlining our GABS Festival Stands and becoming a national favourite! We've given her a new-look can and it's quickly become a solid resident in our Core Range, making it's grand return in Feb 2023. You can also find it in local BWS and Dan Murphy's stores.

So what make's it so special?

Hard Lemonade is made with 100% fresh and REAL aussie lemons (nothing artificial here)!

It packs a punch with a superbly hidden 6% ABV making it the ultimate summer (or any other season) sipper!

With it's pure hazy yellow colour and perfect balance of sweetness, tartness and damn good vibes, Hard Lemonade is in a league of it's own!

Is your mouth watering yet??? Don't lie... we can see it from here 🤣

Give your tastebuds a trip to lemon-heaven and get your hands on Hard Lemonade today!

Join the Hard Lemonade revolution, SHOP NOW

Sip sip, legends!


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