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About Us


We believe in the power of community, humanity and unique self-expression, and our beers are a reflection of that. Whether you're in the mood for a bold IPA, an indulgent stout, a refreshing lager or a fruit-filled sour, we're constantly innovating to create truly unique brews with new beers released every fortnight.

Our taproom is THE place to be in South Sydney with our famous beers on-tap, seriously amazing food trucks on-site every weekend, live local music and bloody good vibes!


Our Story

At One Drop Brewing Co., our journey began with a shared vision and a passion for creating a unique community-centric experience. Meg and Clay, husband and wife, embarked on a quest to bring a brewery to Botany, an area devoid of such a venue. Despite lacking prior beer experience and facing funding challenges, their determination led them to their dream.

During a transformative trip to Europe, they discovered inspiration in breweries across the continent. Serendipitously, they encountered Nick, a talented Kiwi brewer, in Croatia. The connection was instantaneous, and One Drop Brewing Co. was born.


From the outset, we set out to craft innovative and diverse beers that reflected our personal preferences. Sours, hoppy beers, lagers, and pilsners formed the core of our offerings. Today, these styles remain constant while continuously evolving and rotating.

Navigating the turbulent waters of the brewing industry, we stayed true to our values. We chose authenticity over conformity, embracing creativity and quality without compromising our identity. Despite the challenges brought by COVID-19 and economic uncertainties, we remain committed to our mission.

Our constant source of excitement lies in the art of creation. Drawing on our collective creativity, we infuse our beers with unconventional flavors and ideas. A brainstorming machine, we find inspiration in everything from potato chips to desserts, resulting in extraordinary and fearless brews.

What excites us every day is the opportunity to push boundaries and redefine what is possible. In just under four years, we have established ourselves as a leading fruited sour brewery in Australia. Witnessing the rise of sours in the country has been gratifying, as our influence inspires others to explore new avenues.

Looking ahead, we anticipate more of the same magic. We remain committed to our core values while allowing our creativity to shape our future. Our focus on hazy IPAs, research and development, and international collaborations promises exciting endeavors on the horizon.

Join us on this thrilling journey as we continue to push the boundaries of brewing, guided by our passion for quality, authenticity, and unbridled creativity. Together, let's celebrate the extraordinary world of One Drop Brewing Co.


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